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“yoga: la arquitectura de la paz”, heitor dhalia

“Una meditación en imágenes, “Yoga: La arquitectura de la paz” es un homenaje a los espíritus que retrata, una colección de sabiduría antigua para los tiempos modernos y una crónica del propio viaje de Michael O’Neill hacia la iluminación”.
“El mundo del yoga captado por la cámara, desde los monasterios milenarios en los rincones remotos del Himalaya hasta su contrapartida urbana de apoyos de celebridades y mercantilización del estilo de vida basado en las modas. Imprescindible para yoguis y aficionados a la cultura pop”.
“El libro de Michael O’Neill es un hermoso viaje por el mundo del yoga. Gracias por capturar el espíritu y el alma de sus maestros, su práctica y su gente. Estudiar este legado y poder viajar por la India a través de los ojos de Michael es una fiesta para la mente, el cuerpo y el alma una experiencia verdaderamente transformadora que nunca olvidaré.”
“Estas espectaculares imágenes de practicantes de yoga de la India y el Tíbet te harán quedarte boquiabierto y boquiabierta… Es un libro que informa, inspira y ofrece una provocadora ventana al alma del yoga.”

In search of the masters. follow in the footsteps of michael o’neill

Hence the surprise of using new tools to achieve this, such as photography and documentary film, which can serve to bring us closer to the wonderful benefits of yoga, in a new and inspiring way.
This beautiful work shows us the power of yoga, reflected in the eyes of true yogis, and radiated by the peace they transmit. In addition, it manages to be a historical document of this particular moment, in which yoga has transcended Eastern borders, becoming the way of life of more than 250 million people around the world.
Yoga, the architecture of peace, is a journey in search of meaning. But it is also a sort of homage to what this practice is, which will not leave you indifferent. The best thing is that it is available on Netflix, or on Youtube for a fee.

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Yoga, the architecture of peace is a documentary available on Netflix and director Heitor Dhalia takes a journey to the origins in search of the possibility of inner self-understanding through this practice.
For a decade, photographer and yogi Michael O’Neill travels through India, Tibet and New York in search of the essence of Yoga. From striking images and inspiring conversations with teachers, whom you will see performing different types of asanas (yoga postures), he builds a journey in search of personal enlightenment.
What do we believe in? In the care of the environment, sports and tourism as tools for progress and wellbeing. Our mission is to contribute to the development, democratization and responsible practice of outdoor life.

On yoga the architecture of peace – trailer

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