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Alejandro Maldonado está furioso en México. Héctor García informa a que el lunes hubo una clase masiva de yoga dirigida por este experto, como segunda etapa del exitoso programa Mírate, métete y súbete.
Luego estudió el Ashtanga Teachers Trainnig Course con Wayne Krasnner en Miami Yoga Shala, posteriormente regresó a Nueva York donde conoció a Sharon Gannon y David Life, fundadores de Jivamukti Yoga NYC, con quienes asistió a varios congresos. Fue alumno de Eddie Stern en esa misma ciudad (profesor reconocido en la enseñanza del Ashtanga yoga estilo Mysore).
Luego viajó a la India para ser discípulo de Sri K. Patabbi Jois y su sobrino Sharat en las prácticas de ahtanguis, y al mismo tiempo adentrarse en otros estilos como Iyengar (en el Centro de Yoga de Madrid) y Kundalini, aunque siempre sintió más atracción por el estilo dinámico y fluido que tiene la práctica del ashtanga.
Dice en su página web Alexander que hoy en día opta por una enseñanza menos comprometida con la serie Mysore de Ashtanga y más comprometida con uno mismo. Por eso sus clases están llenas de un sinfín de variaciones que hacen la práctica más accesible, aunque vayan a ritmo de Ashtanga.

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Rumors quickly spread commenting that the famous yoga teacher through that image had uncovered his sexual preferences, since he appeared in a compromising pose that left many to think.After those rumors the instructor Alejandro Maldonado has clarified what kind of relationship he has with the Olympic medalist Eduardo Avila, after he published on Instagram a photo in which he appears next to the athlete lying in bed. Although most of the comments were congratulatory, as they considered that it was the confirmation of a sentimental relationship, Alejandro Maldonado has clarified what kind of relationship he has with Olympic medalist Eduardo Avila.

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He also commented that he wants to create “awareness of the impact that bad eating and emotional habits have on us. This impact is directly related to chronic degenerative diseases, caused by sedentary lifestyles, stress, anxiety, depression and unbalanced eating behaviors,” he explained.
“Yoga is a technique that through physical exercises, breathing and meditation, allows you to contact your deepest self to know what is going on inside you and improve relationships with other people,” she said.

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Alejandro Maldonado is a famous yoga teacher who became a celebrity after he became the Yoga teacher in the program Hoy on Televisa and later on Venga la alegría on TV Azteca. Alejandro Maldonado was born on July 12, 1982 in Mexico City and currently has achieved several successes such as launching his own album, books and being considered one of the most famous Yoga experts in the country.
Alejandro Maldonado is undoubtedly the most famous yoga teacher in all of Mexico, who claims to be committed to the integral wellbeing of people. His studies that led him to be today’s expert in yoga classes took place in New York where he had his first courses in this specialty and then he went to Miami where he took his first training with which he was accredited as a professional yoga teacher (Sinergy Yoga Center).
Initially Alejandro Maldonado was a student of great spiritual personalities such as Sri K Pattabhi Jois, who have shaped his discipline until he reached the maxim “There is nothing healthier than being happy”. When he felt he had all the necessary skills to embark on his own path as a yoga teacher, he decided to teach in several academies and privately.

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